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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  2. We tried to install your chipless for WF-C5890 but with no success. The process achieves 100% but in final says the firmware was not installed. We aborted all processes Epson, change computer and change the USB cable, but with no success. The printer has the firmware DB28NB. Hope you can improve this chipless in future.
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  14. Finally the usb detected on normal mode with the screen printer display - Epson device rom program update mode - I installed Epson Software Updater and the time it connect and try to update the software I checked if the Firmware update software could detect the printer - it does.\ How ever the prior problem still exist. I'd try to update firmware to solve this problem. with this report on wic software \\ i restored the recovery key for chipless firmware successfuly \\ i noticed that this occur more frequently, sometimes the printer run smoothly
  15. I think I figured it out - my PC Matic was quarantining the file thinking it is a virus. Why would that be?
  16. I've extracted License.exe successfully but when I try to run it (with and without 'run as administrator') I get an error message.
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  21. Update process is complete - printer will restart - usually it will take only a few minutes but can continue for 10-20 minutes in some rare cases. If process hangs or stops at 80-99% - replug power cable and start printer manually. please follow Steeply Follow Step by Step Guide to make Your printer chipless - Guide https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1849
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  23. I have tried 3x to install the chipless FW to our P800. It reached 95% before failing, then 14%. I have unplugged and restarted the printer but so far no success. The printer has an "unrecognized cartridge" error from a 3rd party cart that has gone dry. Can the firmware be installed in maintenance mode, and how can I access that? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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