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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  1. epson discontinued all programmable models can make this new model that can be obtained in large quantities? now that the other models have been discontinued
  2. How long will the firmware without a chip be available? They have manufactured other models that do not have high demand and this one that if it has high demand they do not
  3. Could you upload a screenshot of how the wic reset your printer recognizes you
  4. A distributor has around 500 of these printers but you do not give a date, an exact date is needed because if they continue to delay, Epson will remove them from the market and no one will be able to buy from these references.
  5. I have 300 of these printers when this reference will be available I have already sent several emails and I have not received a response
  6. it does not work load this firmware to my printer and this was changed from model to wf 3720 because this firmware is from January 2018 and this 3730 epson printer launched it in June 2018 so it does not work can you give me the 2019 firmware link for this model
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