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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hello, I bought 2 keys for C5790, the one that does not expire. Should I use the License.exe activator or the NOINKS UPDATER? I'm confused, before the keys were shorter and used with the NOINKS for WF-C5790, now? Thanks
  2. Hello Team Chipless, I activated the C5290 (already activated 3 of thesee before with your keys), and the Recovery File wasn't generated afther the process was completed. Like the other activations I made. Please, tell me how to adquire the recovery file just in case something happens to the printer firmware. Also, I would like to point out that the activator works with errors, If I don't open the program quickly, select the printer quickly, and then activate quiclky, It will not work, and I think that might have been a reason why the activator didn't generated a recovery file for that activation in particular. Also, activated C5290 printers sometimes, when already succesfully activated, ask for original ink bags, you turn it off, and on again, and it's ok, but just a commentary, so you can improve this wonderful solution. Greetings, Juan
  3. @wic.support @John_Admin Hello guys, If I activate using the Licence.exe and the key I bought, will it work? I have CV14I9 on another EPSOn C5790 Printer working. Before you updated to CV99Z9 (not able to see this version on screen after updating)
  4. After updating using Firmware downloaded from chiplesssolutions page (CV99Z9) the one specified for WF-C5790. Will not update to version CV99Z9. Stays on CV14I9. Using program update mode and normal mode (this normal mode won't get to 100%, get's to about 80%, transfers the file, verifies the version, but not succesfully updates on printer, that reboots, then shows still CV14I9). @wic.support @John_Admin
  5. Hello @John_Admin I saw in another post you made, that the firmware update does not get to 100%. It gets to about 80%. I tried in Program Update Mode, but will not update and show that particular version (CV99Z9), it shows version CV14I9 after updating.. I need the printer to be chipless. What are the steps I must take to make this happen? Taking into consideration the information I have provided. I'm ready to buy the key at the moment I can succesfully upgrade the firmware. Thank you for your reply. John
  6. Hello, I would like to buy the chipless solution for the C5790 Epson printer. I downloaded the firmware from the chiplessolutions.com page, and updated using the Program Update Mode, then got error code 060008 because it must be updates using normal mode. The problem is, that when I updated the printer in Program Update Mode, when it finished updating, the screen said: version CV14I9, not CV99Z9 as the RAR file says in the new firmware. Is this ok? If I apply the activation license key will it work? I would very much like to know, if you would be so kind, the difference between these two versions, what is fixed in one another. In normal mode, the CV99Z9 firmware downloaded from the page, when finished uploading the new firmware says "Transfer complete" then "Version confirmed", but won't get to 100%, and finish properly, as before, now it says after 10 minutes, a message error, that firmware might no have been updated. The printer says in firmware version: "CV14I9". I would like to buy your codes, instead of the chinese one from WinnerJet Donnguan, to try it. Thank you so much, John
  7. FIrst, I install the official firmware, but If I do that, then I will not be able to downgrade the firmware back to the chipless one. How do I do it? I already used the code provided by the supplier, when I bought the printer, then used it again to re-activate it after writing the firmware provided, (CV14I9). If I download the new firmware, updated one, will the code work?
  8. I have a chipless WF-C5790. I have a question, regarding the chipless firmware solution. 1) My printer has a problem, does no recognize the Maintenance Box 2) Does your firmware, bought from your official page, hacks the maintenance box (with this, I mean: does it makes the printer work and effectively print without the need to have a maintenance box installed? Because my printer it's not recognizing the Maintenance Box, either I install a new one, or a used one but with resetted chip. If your chipless firmware (I see there's a new version) hacks the need to have a maintenance box installed, or to be recognized, this will fix my problem and I will buy it. Please admin or wic support, if you would be so kind to help me, a friend that bought you chipless for WF-C5290, tested that if he removes the maintenance box, the printer still works. I need this for C5790 @wic.support @John_Admin
  9. Sos un genio Emilio, ya estaba dando por tirado ese equipo, y me estaba poniendo nervioso, porque tengo 4 mas funcionando, me iba a matar si me fallaban así todas. Muchísimas gracias por la información. Te envié mensaje privado con mi celular, para que nos contactemos por ahi para intercambiar información al respecto de estos equipos y otras soluciones, no hay mucha info y experiencia en Argentina con esto. Somos los adelantados en este tema, me parece.
  10. Hello Emilio, I did some research, and contacted the official EPSON Service in Argentina, they told me, that the printer has 4 ink leak sensores, 3 on the bottom of the printer case (inside) one is behind the ink tubes, when they go up into the case and the print head. and 2 in the plastic case, at hte bottom. Also, there is a ink leak sensor underneath the maintenance box on the right. The sensors are digital, and they have a circuit board. They told me that in order to fix this, I had to change the whole bottom part of the printer. It cost's about 15.000 pesos ARS (240 USD). Almost the price for a new printer. They were told by EPSON that there is no reset for this. And they are going to try to DRY and clean the ink leak sensors with no guarantee that it will work. Also, I told them to try and bridge the pin connectors on the printer, or to unplug them. Here you have the schematics of the ink leak sensors and the part that needs to be replaced according to EPSON. Reseting the firmware to the OEM version will not work, I tried, the sensor still send the message that there's an ink leak. IF YOU MANAGE TO FIND A SOLUTION TO THIS, PLEASE TELL ME HERE. THANK YOU
  11. Thank you for your reply Margaret1, I'm from Argentina, so we don't have access to that specialized technical support, at least from a private company that can assure you the technical knowledge. It's expensive to buy this imported printers here, so it's very important for us in terms of investment and taking care of it. I wonder where that sensor might be...
  12. Thank you so much for your answer, and taking the time to see my case. I used a dryblower with hot and cold air for about 10 minutes, and opened every printer door in the case, took out the cartridges, and the maintenance box. Still, the printer shows that error. I was wondering, where is the humidity sensor on this printer? Because maybe it got wet on itself, and using air will not do the trick, perhaps replacing it is the solution, but I don't have the service manual or I cannot see where it is, from outside the printer. Maybe you could help me with this, at least to tell the official EPSON service here, (they are so poorly trained), so they can replace it or clean it.
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