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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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Found 64 results

  1. I have this error message only with one specific XP241. With others XP241 runs normally.
  2. While performing the first few steps to convert an Epson P400 to the chipless firmware (the first upload test, to determine if the printer will work) it keeps getting stuck at 55%. What could be causing the test to hang at this point, consistently?
  3. I have attempted once again to update my firmware to chipless for my Epson XP-15000. Per information in the "Resources" folder I set my printer in "update" mode and transferred the downloaded "EPFWUPD" file which reflected a change in my firmware to your "20.41.NW2017" version. And per instructions in your "epson firmware updater" program which at the bottom states .. Wait for the printer to turn off automatically. I am showing 100% transfer of "FWG150TL" and per the "resources" file have waited past the 15 minute mark now at 45 minutes. Also I have not recived an "activation" code although you have been in receipt of my payment ... .. now what???
  4. Hello I bought the epson wf2750 chipless activation key, but I still don't receive it in the mail, please send, thanks order # 170680
  5. I don't know how your company working but you took my money and i waiting 27 hrs for my Activation Key. If you guys do NOT have member to do your job, please tell to your page to NOT buy any product on weekends or holiday because we lost time and we need right away the product because we lost. I know you do not care about this, but i care. I want answer WHY your product is not in my email after my payment. My payment done from yesterday.
  6. Today i bought chipless solution for Epson WF 3720 but does not work upgrade firmware send an error - ROM IS NOT WRITABLE What can i do?
  7. Try to set a Licence to my XP-440. But the Licence.exe shows an error 10089. I have no proxy or firewall on my computer.
  8. Hi, i have problem with activate my printer. My mail r0099r@ya.ru
  9. Super!! after installing ihe chipless-firmware for my WF-2750 it shows all four color-cartriges full (100%) and accepts refill-cartriges. I have vergotten, to save the dates for refreshing / resetting the firmware, if an firmware-update overwrites the chipless-version. is it possible, to create this Reset-Dates a second time? Please help me...
  10. Hi i am having problems activating i have sent the firmware correctly to the printer it works fine to the printer but when I go and load license exe and enter my activation key and try to run it it wont i get this error I have turned printer off and laptop, restarted and tried even a new USB port and nothing seems to work Thanks
  11. I bought the chipless firmware. The black ink runs outs, i changed the cartridge with another one that have ink but the printer no not print black. It does all the job but no print at all. The paper gets out blank. I'm not sure if the printer is charging the ink. After i changed the cartrigde, the printer say there is no ink. So i have to turn it off and on again. Then, it says there is ink but do not print. Am i doing something wrong? What can i do?
  12. If You have clogged Epson 4900 - You have to make powerful printhead cleaning by using Initial Ink Charge function. Order and download Epson Pro 4900 cleaning utility: http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1365 Video Tutorial:
  13. Epson printers the xp-211, 214 xp 411 manufactured in 2015 are coming with lock to downgrade, you guys already have a new solution ?? I'm losing a lot of keys with new printers that are blocked
  14. I've getting a "filter error" on the printer...i've been getting the same think on my Epson CX5800F since a recent apple update Think I just found the answer...seem lots of folks are having the same issue... 1. Go to the Apple Menu 2. Select System Preferences 3. Open Sharing 4. Enter any name on the computer name field; eg My iMac. Close the page once done 5. Restart the computer. You should be able to print now. Just tested and both printers seem to be working fine. Mike Frazier, Digital Media Services, LLC
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