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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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    I am interested in chipless firmware for this machine also. What is the hold up?
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    We have updated WIC Reset Utility and added new models: EC-4020 EC-4030 EC-4040 EC-C110 EC-C7000 Series EP-982A3 ET-16150 ET-16650 ET-16680 ET-3700 ET-3710 ET-3750 ET-3760 ET-3800 ET-3830 ET-3850 ET-4750 ET-4760 ET-4850 ET-5800 ET-5850 ET-5880 ET-7700 ET-7750 ET-8500 EW-452A EW-M530F EW-M630T EW-M634T EW-M670FT EW-M674FT EW-M770T EW-M873T EW-M970A3T L11160 L15160 L15180 L6160/L6161/L6168 L6170/L6171/L6178 L6190/L6191/L6198 L6266/L6268/L6269 L6276/L6278/L6279 L6296/L6298/L6299 L6550/L6551/L6558 L6570 L6580 L7160 L7180 L8160 PX-205 PX-605F PX-675F PX-M5040F PX-M5041F PX-M5080F PX-M5081F PX-M6010F PX-M6011F PX-M6712FT PX-M740F PX-M741F PX-M780F PX-M781F PX-M791FT PX-S06 PX-S5040 PX-S5080 PX-S6710T SC-P700 SC-P708 SC-P900 SC-P908 SC-PX1V SC-PX1VL ST-C8000 ST-C8090 WF-110 WF-2810/2811/2815 WF-2830/2831/2835 WF-2850/2851/2855 WF-2860/2861/2865 WF-2880/2881/2885 WF-3010/3011/3012 WF-3510/3511/3512 WF-3520/3521/3522 WF-3530/3531/3532 WF-3540/3541/3542 WF-3620/3621/3622 WF-3640/3641/3642 WF-4720/4725 WF-4730/4735 WF-4740/4745 WF-7110 WF-7111 WF-7115 WF-7210 WF-7211 WF-7215 WF-7610 WF-7611 WF-7615 WF-7620 WF-7621 WF-7625 WF-7710 WF-7715 WF-7720 WF-7725 WF-7820 WF-7828 WF-7840 WF-7848 Workforce ST-3000 Workforce ST-4000 Workforce ST-5000 Workforce ST-7000 XP-3100 XP-3101 XP-3105 XP-4100 XP-4101 XP-4105 XP-5100 XP-5101 XP-5105 XP-6100 XP-970 You can see list of available functions Only Change Firmware version requires Firmware Key Other functions can be used Free - including Waste Ink Platen Pad Counter RESET - is free also!
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    estimated date of finishing chipless firmware developing is - march 2020 Will be available since April 1 - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1956
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    On the last screenshot printer is available via Wi-Fi only which means that WIC does not see USB connection either, futhermore the ports tab in the printer's properties window will show the port even if the printer itself is offline. Please, show how printer's port is recognized in the windows device manager or in the usb view (microsoft tool for usb enumeration available online).
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    Still no chipless firmware on this model? Its been 2 years of waiting. Thanks
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    Hi, I recently bought the Chipless firmware key for the WF-6090 printer. Sucessfully installed and it was all good until the printer throwed the full maintenence box's error. I hard resetted the box but the message was never gone. I had to install the original firmware to get ride of the message but when installing back the chipless solution the counter is always going down for the box and there is no way to get it full even if I switch the box with a totally new one. I already installed twice the firmware. I bought two keys for this and still not able to use the printer properly. It's having this persistent error with the box. It's buggy... @John_Admin are you able to fix it? I really need my printer working with the chipless solution, I bought it because it was a supported model for chipless firmware. I already bought like 5 keys for the WF-5190 and no issues at all with that printer, I only have a huge thank you for your solutions.
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    Good day. Can you contact me directly, I will send contacts in PM.
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    Hola alguien sabe si ya va salir el chippless para esta epson?
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    Give us screenshots of errors you get
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    Instructions is available in the WIC when printer is connected in the normal mode. There are only one way to do this: Power cord must be connected and printer is powered off. Press and hold "resume/cancel" button (triangle in the circle). Press ON button while holding "resume/cancel" button (now you are holding both). While holding the ON button press "resume/cancel" button 5 times. Each time when you are pressing "resume/cancel" the error and power LEDs will light alternately. Release ON button. "Resume/cancel" button must be pressed EXACTLY 5 times. Printer may be started in different mode that is indistinguishable from the service mode when another combination is used, but service functions will not work! If at the end error LED is still ON (not blinking) and POWER LED is off then service mode was blocked. The only known solution in this case is to replace eeprom chip. If this does not work then most likely service mode has been blocked for the device.
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    Added support for EC-C7000 with firmware downgrade option, earliest firmware we have for this device is CD20KA (20/10/2020).
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    I would also like to express interest in chipless firmware for the WF-3820
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    Mine was still under warranty and i just received a new one today. I'm supposed to send the old one back so I'm assuming I'll be billed full retail priced when they see it's hacked firmware. 2manuals is offering less than zero support other than "make sure you are using the right firmware" despite the fact that this has nothing to do with my issue. Their radio silence is extremely distressing seeing as between two $50 keys I've managed exactly one single canvas print, and now I need to purchase a third key to try again. A fool and his money soon parted and all that. Maybe they are too busy updating their website to remove the outdated non functional firmware that keeps confusing everyone so much that their default response to every problem is "make sure you're using NWOK7K firmware".
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    We have sent key in PM chec k
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    WF2530 is supported by WIC utility You can make firmware downgrade to LD11CC version 2012
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    wf7820/7840 also in an Epson EC-C7000? Yes
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    Good day. You need to use free recovery firmware for this (first enable firmwares for recovery mode in the WICReset options from the mian menu) then you will see new list for your printer in the main interface, select recovery firmware for you model and follow instructions.
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    Good day. FA24I5 is a chipless version, you need to upload latest version of the firmware first: https://ftp.epson.com/drivers/epson19453.exe then restart the printer and confirm that firmware is changed and maintenance box is recognized, after this reupload chipless firmware and apply recovery key.
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    You can buy CISS (as you mentioned above - it is available) and use Your printer. Chipless firmware for 6100 is not available.
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    XP-8500 and XP-8600 are incompatible, firmware for one could not be used for another.
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    Good day. Please, try to download and update firmware again following this instruction: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/ and activate it again, if you get the same results, I can connect to you remotely and check this myself (for this send me you contacts in PM, preferably telegram or skype).
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    Firmware version is right Update License application - Download License.exe utility - Password - 12345 Unzip archive to the folder and run License - then use activation key
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    What is your current firmware version now in Your printer?
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    Chipless firmware for XP-1500 has been updated, reupload firmware and reactivate it with the same key, then tell the results.New firmware can be downloaded from here:https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/XP15000_FWG150TL_NW07K7_NW99Z9.zip
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    What do you mean by this: "Check on the software, the printhead fuse error is reported, but I use the nozzle through another machine to run normally." Does this printer work under some circumstances? Please, explain with more details.
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    @shane I'm not from the printer reset's team but: There is no way to measure the tank ink level, it uses a chip to get an approximated ink level value and not using chips is the purpose of the chipless firmware. Normally the chip values changes with usage and once it's "filled" it gets the chip and the printer useless until you change the box with a new chip. You just need to monitor the ink level on the boxes every 7000 prints, not a big deal.
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    Had the same problem.. Using chipless and drained one of the inks.. So I had to do cleaning couple of times that's why the maintenance box overflowed and inks leaked.. To solve the issue I followed the steps on disconnecting the ink sensor cables and viola.. Am back to printing.. Thank you Emilio
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    Good night, I'm also interested. Do you have any predictions?
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    Chipless firmware is available for WF-3720, but not for the WF-2830. Supported models - https://chiplesssolutions.com/buy.shtml
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    Those printers has a chip on the maintenance box. You can only reset auxiliary counter for the pad under printhead. This option is avaialble under additional functions that you can enable in the settings, but if main counter is overflowed printer will still be blocked until you replace maintenance box.
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    Good day. You need to update the printer in the normal mode. Please, read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/ also yoou need to use latest version of the license.exe
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    hola, no me enviaron los codigos de activacion comprados los dias 16-04-20 y 17-04-20. hice el reclamo al administrador hace varios dias pero no obtuve respuesta. la verdad ya no se como solucionarlo.
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    Hola. No me enviaron los códigos que compre el día 16-04-20 y 17-04-20 eduardopoch@hotmail.com
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    You are using wrong updater, where did you download it? You need to use this one: https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/XP2100_FWH284TL_MZ01JA_MZ99Z9.zip also read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/
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    Chipless firmware is not available for XP-8xxx XP-610x XP-510x WF-4740 WF-28xx, cartridge numbers do not matter in this case, only firmware serie. As for WF-2865 WF-4725DWF and WF-4730DTWF, I suspect that their internal model and firmware ID is identical to those, that we have, if possible, check real model name as shown in the WICReset and post it there.
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    1. Just download latest official firmware from the Epson website and install it the same way. 2. You can reinstall chipless firmware and then you will need to either activate it again using same key as before or to use recovery key that you saved during previous activation.
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    Good day. Did you reupload chipless firmware back to the printer again after update from epson? What is the current version? You can check it in the printer settings or via WIC using `report` button.
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    Ok, this was not a firmware issue, this was a problem with these sensors. Even if it seems to be fine when disconnected them started working again. Que Kamikazes!!! no pueden cobrarte eso! Desenchufa los sensores y al carajo. Tenes que abrir la tapa izquierda de la impresora (mirando desde el frente) y desenchufar los cuatro sensores. Son los que tienen cable rojo-blanco-negro, tenes 4 terminales, uno de plastico rojo, otro de plastico amarillo, otro negro y otro blanco. Te los marqué en amarillo en la foto que subo. Una vez desenchufados prendes la máquina y sale andando lo más bien, chipless y a prueba de agua ajjaja
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    Do not install epson update center, only driver and also disable updates in the driver and on the printer itself (in the menu), anyway, even if you accidentally update firmware you can reactivate chipless mode by installing chipless firmware again and using recovery code (provided that you saved it during activation).
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    We have updated firmware - please download it here - https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WFC5710_FWG239TL_ZZ99Z9.zip Upload firmware to printer in normal mode - dont put printer in Program Update mode. The uploading process will stuck at 70-80% - it is ok! Open task manager and stop updater process. Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes - then will power OFF. Now power on the printer - chipless firmware is installed now in your printer! Please reply about results.
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    Good day. Please, try reupload chipless firmware in the service mode first.
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    Please, install laster version of the application (5.55) from this site and try again.
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    You have to use Adjustment Program - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1909 and use Ink Charge option please read here - http://www.2manuals.com/initial.php
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    Good day. Please, check private messages. Also Please, install latest official version of the firmware, then replace/reset maintenance box and make sure that it is recognized by the printer, after this install chipless firmware (firmware with disabled ink cartridges) back. You have to use new Firmware Key.
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    Activation Keys without expiration date is more expensive - $5 more
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    This issue almost always means that chipless firmware has not been properly loaded to the printer. Try to update firmware again and check all messages that you get during update process in the application then restart the printer and check firmware vesion in the WIC. Also, in very rare cases problem can be in the usb module/cord/port.
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    The chipless firmware update was successful. Tips: This Epson printer (WF-3720DWF) (non-US model DWF) can NOT be brought to software update mode by pressing power + top-right of the screen. If you have firmware newer than CL26H9 - this is firmware compatible with chipless key - then you can bring your WF-3720DWF printer to ROM recovery by official Epson app: 1.Make a normal firmware update using Epson updater 2.Use USB cable to make the update (the printer will allow to re-update multiple times with the latest official firmware) The printer will not allow to update with previous firmware, that is why you must brick the existing firmware if you want to downgrade 3.There is no step three 4.During the firmware transfer (re-flash the same version) disconnect the USB cable (try this at various points during the transfer) The ROM will become bricked and next time you start the printer (force shutdown by unplugging AC) it will be forced to start into ROM recovery mode 5.Now you can flash any firmware version you want via USB (including chipless-compatible) and this is the only way to downgrade WF-3720DWF (if needed) The chipless key can be used after the step 5, while the printer is ON running CL26H9 firmware - this firmware can be found on chipless website Don't forget to disable automatic software update check in the printer settings and in the Epson software you use on your computer. I just want to thank chipless for their effort because the cartridges are VERY expensive for this model WF-3720DWF, close to the price of an entire new printer. Printer cost (brand new) was $140 WF-3720DWF uses EPSON 34/34XL cartriges that cost $99 per pack (XL) and will last only one week in a normal/small office!!! Do you want to pay $400/mo for WF-3720DWF OEM EPSON inks in you small office? Or do you want to pay $240/mo for WF-3720DWF aftermarket XL ink cartridges ($60/XL pack)? Seriously Epson is crazy with these prices, "ripping" small businesses off big time!
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