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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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Found 8 results

  1. Hello i purchased, installed and activated the chipless firmware (https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1848) for my wf-7720 dtwf. after the update i cannot see text on the printer's menu and stuff, just the symbols... In addition the print results are just bad. Do you guys know what the problem is? I have a CISS system installed but it is not the problem. cleaned the printhead twice now and let all air out of the system. This is clearly not the problem Thanks in advance :)
  2. I'm trying to make sure my printer will work with this before I buy an activation key. I installed most recent chipless firmware (XP15000_FWG150TL_NW20I7_NW99Z9) and it succeeds. I can verify the firmware version NW2017 from the printer menu, and from the WIC Reset Utility. I only have the stock ink cartridges, so that is what I am testing prints with. With firmware NW2017 active, and stock print cartridges installed, I attempt a print. The very first attempt on a fresh firmware install results in about 2-3 inches of the photo (on a 13x19 sheet). All sub-sequent attempts result in either: -The paper being pulled through and the printhead running back and forth 5-10 times, but no ink being deposited, and the paper being rejected to the outfeed (blank), with Error# 031002 being displayed. or -No printer movement, and Error# 031002 being displayed, "Turn on the printer again. See your documentation for more details." (I could've sworn that I was getting Error# 031001 at times as well.) If I re-install the latest factory firmware (as of 12-18-2020) I am able to print flawlessly, over and over. Is this issue caused by my use of factory inks? (I assume no?) Is it because I have not applied an activation code? I don't want to spend $50+ on a code that will not do anything. Is this an issue that has been seen before? I read through a different thread about Error# 031002, but there was not a great deal of help there: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80865-xp-15000-error-031002/ I'm happy to spend the money on the activation if I know it will work, or if I can get my money back in the case of it not working. Thank you for any help!
  3. Hello, I own several Epson printers I wish to make chipless and I'm in the process of using the chipless firmware solution for the SC-P800 printer model. I have followed the instructions from the chipless manual page ( https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1849 ) and I am not sure if I'm able to purchase the activation key at this point. The firmware updater gets to 99 percent complete then a status failed appears (shown attached). I've tried two more times with the same result. I read on another help page that this may occur for newer Epson printers and continued on to see if the firmware updated using the Wic Rest Utility. Checking the firmware version from the check printer data option, it reads OR18HC 18/12/2017. Is it possible to purchase an activation key to make the SC-P800 chipless at this point? I very much appreciate the help and more than likely will need to purchase more activation keys in the future. Many thanks.
  4. Hi, I am trying to make my epson wf 7710 chipless, I installed the update necessary (so the usb connection isn't faulty) yet when I run the license.exe, everything is blank and I can't select my printer to input my key. Usb connection is not disabled on my printer (saw that as a suggested solution on another forum post).
  5. Hi guys I have an Epson and I made it chip-less, but After an update during install drivers on computer my device says (install ink Supply unit correctly) and when I was want to use recovery key the licence program detect the printer but did not read it , I think it don't receive the Firmware because the when i update firmware the firmware version doesn't display on screen the version is 16.54 but the printer shows 16.56 i mean it's difference anyone can help? thanks?
  6. Epson WF-7610 My printer will not recognize two ink cartridges (252 XL - black and 252 - magenta). The are definitely original Epson ink cartridges and I replaced with brand new ink cartridges, and still does not recognize them. I have tried cleaning the area both on the printer and the cartridges. I have tried, powering down and unplugging from the printer and from the wall, waiting 5 mins and restarting --- several times. Please help me. This is so frustrating.
  7. When I try to activate online I get "Reading failed -1". I have an Epson XP15000.
  8. after reading and following step by step the error at the activation is really bad... any help is welcome thanx
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