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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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Found 64 results

  1. I have a XP241, I have adquired the unlock lincences, but it doen´t works. When I try to Activate Online, I receive a connection error, to verify usb port, firewall and internet connection. But its all ok. The firmware was already updated to the version MF07I3. I have tried first using the printer in setup mode, so I have found an answer regarding XP241, where you indicate to do it on normal mode, but it doesn´t works anyway. I have deleted all of other printers from my computer, including the XP241 drivers and reinstalled the 241 drivers. Tried to send the MF07I3 firmware by normal mode and config mode, changed the usb port, changed the usb cable...
  2. Due to EPSON firmware update that returned the printer to chipped. Chipless firmware was updated from the web site and loaded back on EPSON Workforce Pro WF-3720 and checked,however when doing recovery.the printer remained chipped as the ink tanks showed their remaining amounts and the ciss when installed came up as not recognized, please help ,best wishes
  3. I received a 10092 error when trying to activate the key for the firmware for my SC-P800 printer. My order # is 193762. I also sent a message with your support system. I tried different USB ports and disabled the Windows firewall with no change. Can you please help me? Thank you, John
  4. License.exe will not see the WF-7710. Upon investigation I believe this is because the firmware installation cannot complete due to the error condition of the printer not recognizing the yellow ink cartridge, and that is why I want to install the firmware. I have tried installing a new Epson yellow cartridge and the printer will not recognize this cartridge either. So I am stuck in the situation of an error I can't clear and that error prevents the firmware installation from completing. If the firmware would install, the cartridge recognition would be disabled and there would be no error, but I can't get there from where I am now. When I check the firmware on the printer, it does report the new firmware FA24I5, indicating it was installed, but License.exe does not see the printer. Is there a way to disable the error condition caused by the failure to recognize the yellow cartridge?
  5. The 2 orders #191283 processed in the link below went well,However, order #191306 has 10092 error like the attached capture.The period of use is use before september 30.
  6. Activation code error, please, check, I get that error and I just bought the key for this is the second printer that I am returning it without a chip but you cannot enter the key in the previous one and it did not give me problems, I need an urgent solution Ver foto.
  7. Want to ask first before changing the firmware - Just acquired a WF-7720 (using 27 cartridge) through grey import but at where I live only WF-7721 (using T188 cartridge) is available... Will be using genuine cartridge as I am really after the pigment ink. After making chipless is it possible to use the T188 cartridge directly? Or is it possible to flash the WF-7721 firmware?
  8. hello, my epson wf7710 printer is using a chip-free version (I bought an activation key), but because I accidentally let the printer update the latest firmware version 10.44.FA25JA, the printer says it doesn't accept the toner cartridge now. . I downloaded the firmware downgrade software version A0.40.FA27HC and followed the instructions, but when completed, the screen on the printer still says version 10.44.FA25JA. So the downgrade failed. Please help me downgrade the firmware for epson 7710, thanks.
  9. Hello, can you help me, printer does not load says reading failed 1
  10. when I tried to Activate online button I got this error "Reading failed -1" XP 15000
  11. I have a Epson xp-452 with MM1108 Epson version firmware and try to install this chipless firmware from: https://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/XP452_FWH316TL_MM10I8_MM99Z9.zip Put the printer in Update Program Mode and then update the firmware. The printer receives the firmware and shows progress 0/100 to 100/100 Compares, Erase and Writes ROM data. At final shows: Finished! Checsum B0BD ROM Ver. 20.08.MM1018 Checksum2 B6D2 Rom Ver2. MM1018 In computer all is correct and shows finalized too. I turn off the printer and when turn on it again and see the same Epson firmware with no update. Nothing changed- What can I do to indeed update your firmware to the printer?
  12. Installed the programed firmware from chipless solutions and printing quality dropped to almost unreadable. Very little ink on the page, like a faded page. Activated the firmware and still no change. Can't see any obvious printer settings being wrong. Any solution or hints would be much appreciated. Cheers
  13. tengo 2 impresoras WF-7720 no se pueden activar las dos marcan error de comunicacion - 10091 deshabilite el firewall de windows deshabilite el antivirus deshabilite el windwos defender deshabilite todas las impresoras conectadas por usb Y NO FUNCIONA LA ACTIVACION
  14. I have a Chipless Epson C5210 printer, after approx. 25,000 prints the cyan was printing lighter as I used the printer. I am recently retired from the commercial printing industry and have watched press operators tweek their ink on a press by adding a little black or other color. I added some black to the cyan cartridge and BOOM, it fixed the problem. The prints are darker and look like they did before the problem.
  15. I bougth a key chipless for XP255 XP257 yesterday, but when we try to install the firmware version 20.08.FM10I we have the Error "Old version (you can not update it)"
  16. After installing chipless firmware everything works, except that printers does not respond when doing a print head cleaning from epson utility. Same thing happened in 2 different printers, same XP-2101
  17. Hello, I purchased a code for the printer XP-430, but when I try to enter it into the license program, I get a message "Activation code error, please check." what should I do?
  18. My Epson wf 3720 printer isn't reckonizings 3rd party nk cartridges after I gave into cx reminder of a firmware updaye....so I purchased the $30 code, downloaded firmware, ran License, tried to enter code and get message that it is not recognized. Now what?
  19. I downgrade well my c5710 with chipless software. But after few days, I have this problem of recognition of all the cartridge. I tried to take them off but it still the same. How can i fix that please?
  20. Hello. The last upgrade for epson xp231 ((FO04JA 04/10/2019) is not allowing firmware downgrade. So license program and chipless solution does not work anymore for that printer. Some solution by now?
  21. Hello, I have the same image as EEFRAINN and downloaded the latest firmware proposed by John_Admin. And this :
  22. Epson firmware update over the Internet today to 30.74.CL27J9 caused the printer to stop recognizing the installed 3rd party cartridges. ???? Downloaded WIC, bought a firmware key, put the printer in maintenance more, ran the update ( CL26H9) which said it transferred OK to the printer. The printer seemed to run the firmware update but when it seemed to complete it displayed a screen that said it still has the 30.74.CL27J9 Powered on/off a couple of times, but no change, firmware is still 30.74.CL27J9 and ink cartridges are not recognized. Tried to re-run the process but WIC says it's already done it. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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